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Attic Insulation Schedule Service

One of the fastest, easiest ways to make your Las Vegas home more energy-efficient is to make sure the insulation in your attic is adequate and properly installed. At Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we have the professional insulation technicians to inspect your current insulation levels and make recommendations for any changes, if necessary. With the right attic insulation, we can minimize the amount of heat transfer to the air conditioned parts of your home, which reduces the workload on your air conditioner to save you money.

Radiant Barrier Schedule Service

Wouldn’t it be better to block the strong desert sun before it heats up your attic? With the SolaShield™ radiant barrier spray expertly applied to the underside of your roof by our Yes!/EAS technicians, you can block up to 80% of the sun’s radiant heat. When your attic is cooler, your whole home stays cooler. Watch the video above or click here to learn more about radiant barriers. http://www.efficientattic.com/how-it-works/radiant-barrier

Attic Ventilation Schedule Service

In order to maximize the energy efficiency of your home’s attic, you need to be sure the attic is properly vented to allow effective airflow and allow moisture to escape. Between showers in the bathroom and activities in the kitchen, moisture can end up in your attic. Without adequate ventilation in your attic, this moisture can build up. Moisture combined with heat in an enclosed space is a potentially troublesome combination. Call Yes! Air Conditioning and Heating today and let our experts evaluate your attic’s ventilation and offer suggestions for things like attic fans, ridge vents and soffit vents to help make your attic more energy-efficient.

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